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I am currently available for contract work, please contact me if you need support for your project.

🎓 Education
I studied media computer sciences at TU Dresden and finished with a diploma in 2015.
My diploma thesis was about navigation and interaction in virtual reality.

🤝 Contract work
Between October 2015 and March 2017 I worked as a freelance Android and Unity developer on several projects.
These include a chat sdk for Android, a showcase application for an exhibition and a dyscalculia-game for children, both made with Unity.

Minute of Islands screenshot

Between April 2017 and June 2021 I worked as an employed Unity developer for Studio Fizbin on many projects.
I was one of the core developers for indie game Minute of Islands as well as multiple mobile apps for children like KiKANiNCHEN-App, Willi und die Wunderkröte and Wissen macht Ah! - Die App.
Besides those, I worked on several prototypes and gained a thorough understanding of self and project management.

Recollection cover

Erkberg Games
In October 2021, I founded my own game studio Erkberg Games, which I've been running ever since as a solo developer.
Recollection, my first commercial indie game, released in April 2023.

🎮 Game jams
I have been a game jam enthusiast for more than 8 years by now and created more than 30 smaller games over the years.
Most of these can be played on my page.

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Core skills
Game & app development, Unity, C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Git, PC & mobile games & applications

Secondary skills
Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, FL Studio, FMOD, Project management, Video creation